Dignified, personalised and safe end-of-life care

With our clinical experience, specialist knowledge and technical expertise, we can help you to make your palliative services optimal and tailor-made. It’s all part of how we’re working to ensure that everyone can live well towards the end of their lives.

Improve patient experience while supporting their choices

We’re making integrated information instantly available so that you have all the details you need to meet not only your patient’s physical requirements, but their social, emotional and wider holistic requirements too.

EMIS Web allows you to easily make informed, safe and tailored decisions:

  • access and update data relating to your patient’s entire healthcare journey in real time
  • view patients’ care plans, including details on their family, carers and wishes
  • ensure clinical safety by submitting data in a clear and standardised format.

By using EMIS Web since April 2015, East Cheshire Hospice in Macclesfield have been able to provide effective end-of-life care for hundreds of patients:

Integration and interoperability helps you to provide all-encompassing care:

We make vital data available by supporting all integration methods – including Open API, Portal SDK and Health Level Seven International (HL7) – and by integrating our own systems and products. 

EMIS Mobile lets you provide palliative care in the most appropriate place:

EMIS Mobile gives you access to the core elements of EMIS Web while on the go. It means you’re no longer without the support, systems and data you need when providing care in patients’ homes.

Better plan and manage your care

We provide bespoke training services so that you can really drill down into your organisation. Our training for EMIS Web covers topics like:

  • templates - so that you can ensure consistent data collection
  • capacity and booking management – helping you to make your staff coordination, diary management, risk stratification and session planning more efficient.

“I can add a new patients in five minutes, whereas previously it would take 15-20 minutes.”

Emma Allright, care records manager, Hospice in the Weald

Make your services more efficient and cost effective

Our ability to interoperate with different systems and provide real-time access to patient records helps to not just improve patient experience, but processes too: 

And if that’s not enough, optimised care can mean reduced operational and financial costs as well.

Meet and exceed national strategies

  • Future-proof your care - and keep in line with local and national drivers for recording end-of-life assessment, planning and patient preferences - by using electronic records.
  • Find your needs supported with  ever-evolving products that comply with safety and regulatory guidelines.
  • Know that your feedback is actioned by speaking to your dedicated programme manager.