Data sharing and collaboration across organisations

Data sharing and collaboration across organisations

We can help you intelligently manage data sharing across organisations so you can provide more flexible services for patients, while retaining control of your data:

Medical record data sharing

Better information means better care. Access to GP patient data means safer, more efficient care is provided in any healthcare setting. 24-hour access to real-time patient records is available with EPR Viewer.

Share administrative functions

Share your administrative functions across multiple EMIS Web organisations and health services so you can provide safer and more flexible services for patients.

The sharing of assigning tasks, booking and cancelling appointments is perfect for GP practices and community services that share a building or operate clinical services within an area.

Shared warnings and alerts can greatly improve the safeguarding visibility across agency settings and within integrated teams.

Supporting extended hours

With EMIS Web, you can share appointment booking/cancelling, and real-time clinical data between organisations so your patients can go to any surgery and receive the same, informed continuity of care, out of hours.

EMIS Risk Stratification

Proactively manage patients at risk of unplanned hospital admission.

Enterprise Search and Reports

Source, search and report on up-to-date, cross-org information.

All this is supported by our 24/7 support centre. 

See how we’ve helped our customers already

Central Manchester CCG is improving access to primary care health services for 217,000 patients as part of a collaboration initiative. Read the full story here.

This is just the beginning

We’re continually enhancing cross-organisation functionality to support different shared ways of working. If you'd like to find out how we can help you work more collaboratively, call 0845 125 5536 or email