Primary care training and optimisation

We want to help all our customers get the most out of EMIS Web and unlock its full potential. This is why all our training packages are designed to help you work smarter not harder – they’re all about making EMIS Web do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Training packages

Our custom training packages are a great place to start if you already have an idea on some of the areas you’d like to improve in order to increase your data quality and enhance patient care.

Making the most of mobile working

Are you currently taking advantage of EMIS Mobile? EMIS Mobile gives you real-time access to your patient records on the move, enabling the best possible patient care. Our half-day training session will help your organisation get to grips with the system, making it quicker and easier for you to use. We’ll show you how to use a variety of features including:

  • viewing data in EMIS Mobile
  • adding data in EMIS Mobile
  • syncing data back to EMIS Web.
Registration workflow - declutter your inbox

When set up and used correctly, Workflow Manager is an extremely useful tool for monitoring performance and driving efficiencies by streamlining a range of admin processes.

From resolving unacknowledged patients and unmatched approvals to managing FP22 reminders and identifying tasks for inactive users, our full and half-day courses will give you all the tools you need to reorganise Workflow Manager and use it to its best advantage. We’ll show you how to keep your inboxes organised and save valuable admin time.

Struggling with searches?

Searches are a quick and comprehensive way to identify groups of patients that share common features and enhance your population reporting.

You can book a full or half-day session with one of our skilled trainers who’ll work with you to build a range of basic, advanced and EMIS Library searches from scratch and explain the differences between them. We’ll also help to give you a better understanding of how linked features can be used to improve your data.

  • Basic searches including searches that identify patients who fall into a specific demographic or have been diagnosed with a particular condition.
  • Advanced searches including searches that identify patients who have recently been seen in surgery and then admitted to A&E or patients who’ve had multiple consecutive blood level readings above a certain value.
  • Linked features can be used to filter search results in more detail and are useful if you want to search on patients whose records were updated within a set period of another code being added.
  • EMIS Library searches the searches that are produced in house by our clinical team and can be copied and then amended in your practice.

The number of searches covered by your trainer will depend on whether you’ve booked a full or half-day session. Let us know what kind of information you want to be getting out of the system before your session and we’ll help you work towards meeting those goals.

Bespoke training packages

We know that some of you will want to improve in areas specific to your organisation. That’s why we also offer bespoke training packages which can be built around you and your practice needs. Below are some ideas of the areas you could cover.

Data quality

Improving the quality of your data is often key to improving your efficiencies and patient care as it allows you to make more accurate and informed decisions. We’ll help you do this by:

  • showing you the best ways to find the right read codes
  • reconciling patient lists to ensure they’re up to date
  • improving your care record with problem management, problem linkage and synonyms for faster data entry
  • ensuring the same codes are used to improve consistency of data capture by developing custom templates.
Protocols and concepts

Developing better protocols and concepts will help you work faster in many areas of EMIS Web. We can help you build new protocols and concepts to achieve a range of goals, including:

  • speeding up working through patient lists by adding a series of clinical codes and free text in an instant
  • saving time by automatically merging and printing relevant patient letters
  • enhancing patient care by creating tailored pop-up alerts to catch conditions earlier.

Having effective templates allows everyone in your practice to capture the necessary data to improve patient care. It’ll also help you hit payment targets for QOF and enhanced services. Our training packages will teach you how to:

  • build new clinical templates for local campaigns or enhanced services
  • edit existing templates to better suit your needs
  • use visibility rules so that you’re only presented with the information you need when you need it.

Solutions optimisation

Maximising your efficiency improvements can be achieved by making even the smallest of changes to optimise what you already have in place.

Our solutions optimisation consultants have a wealth of knowledge that’ll help you identify where even the most efficient organisations could improve.  They’ll shadow you for two full days and write a report on where they think you can make efficiency gains.

System housekeeping

When you’re working in a busy organisation, it can be difficult to make time to keep on top of your basic housekeeping.

How we’ll help

  • Organisational tidy up: a full review of your EMIS Web configuration, users and teams to make sure the system is configured in the most helpful way for you.
  • Spring cleaning your appointment book: helping you identify any redundant appointment sessions, holders, filters and slot types.
  • Management workflow: recommending ways you can save time on the management of tasks and registrations.
Time-saving quick wins - practice admin

Using smart configuration and advanced EMIS Web functionality our skilled solutions optimisation team will identify and recommend a variety of ways in which you can save time.

How we’ll help

  • Automating common administrative procedures: for example, creating a pre-populated fax header could save 41 seconds per fax, totalling around one and one and a half hours each week.
  • Creating relevant call reports: this has already helped one practice save over three hours each month.
  • Expert hints and tips: examples of how to reduce clicks and keystrokes, using EMIS Web synonyms to make finding and editing information much faster and easier.
Time-saving quick wins - healthcare processes

Many of the advanced functionalities and smart configurations used to save time on admin can also be used to help improve your healthcare processes and make better use of clinical time.

How we’ll help

  • Turbo consultations make use of templates, synonyms and quick pick functionalities to significantly reduce the number of clicks and keystrokes, saving up to two minutes per consultation.
  • Customising clinical views and consultation screens mean the information you need for your clinic is accessible in as few clicks as possible.
  • Utilisation of EMIS Library tools make inputting and editing patient data faster and simpler.

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