EMIS secure remote access

A two factor authentication token that enables fast and secure remote connection to the HSCN and transition networks from any location. EMIS secure remote access provides an uncontended service that combines both system access and customer support for the clinical system to enable fast setup and operation of both NHS and core clinical systems when working remotely. Once activated it provides full and secure read / write access to a patient’s medical record, medications, appointments and spine services.




  • Safe and secure access to essential NHS and clinical systems from any device or location.


  • Direct access to the clinical system ensures consultations can be conducted quickly and safely.


  • Clinical system personalisation settings can be accessed quickly and without compromise.


  • Remote consultations can be delivered directly from within the clinical system without the need for additional software.


Access to a team of clinical system technical experts ensures performance and operation of both connectivity service and the clinical system.




Fast and secure remote access

Direct login to the NHS and clinical system data centres deliver a fast and efficient user experience.


Uncompromised network connection

The 24/7 dual site hosted platform provides carrier grade network resilience and security.


Digital front door enablement

Remote video consultations can be conducted and documented directly from and to the clinical system.


A fully managed service

End to end technical and customer support for set up, integration and operation of remote access to both NHS services and the clinical system.


System Requirements

Internet connection

Installation of Cisco any connect VPN software

Authorisation from the local provider for access to the transition / HSCN network

Hardware that meets the EMIS Web hardware specifcation

Installation of the .NET4 application

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