EMIS Prescribing

Coming soon - Make prescribing safer with our EPMA system that provides clinicians across primary and secondary care with the same, accurate information on patients’ medications.

  • Secondary care
  • Primary care
  • Community pharmacy

Features and benefits

  • Full EMIS Web integration gives secondary care access to patients’ medication histories held in their GP records.
  • Make care safer by reducing prescribing and admin errors.
  • Use the iOS app for more informed care while on the go.
  • Alert GPs to medicines prescribed in secondary care to ensure consistent and safe care.
  • Meet your targets with a paperless system that also integrates care across areas.
  • Improve data quality for more accurate patient records and better reporting.

Safer prescribing for better care

We’re supporting clinicians to make patient care safer and reduce prescribing errors with our new and improved electronics prescribing and administration system (EPMA).

Going beyond simply allowing clinicians to simply place orders for medications, EMIS Prescribing bridges the information gap between primary and secondary care by giving clinicians across organisations the ability to view and send updates about a patient’s medication history. 

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man are providing user acceptance testing, with full roll out planned for 2019. 

Watch our video above to find out more.