Deliver informed and accurate care more efficiently with the most widely used clinical software in Scotland.


  • Provide safe, accurate and connected care by electronically accessing patient records.
  • Speed up your processes with automatic data population and quick shortcuts.
  • Help patients to better self-care with access to online GP services.
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Achieve national and local goals with our tailored clinical software

Work quickly and efficiently with Scotland’s leading primary care clinical software, EMIS PCS. Designed specifically to meet the nation’s requirements – including the Digital Health and Social Care Strategy – our clinical system can help you to meet your particular aims and goals.

Deliver safe, accurate care by efficiently accessing and updating patient information 

  • Ensure information is seen where and when it’s needed and only update patient information once thanks to automatic data population.
  • Make the most informed decisions with enhanced medication warnings.
  • Speedily add consultation data and whiz through lengthy admin tasks by making use of templates, protocols and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Deliver consistent care by standardising data entry with pre-set consultations.

Seamlessly connect your care

EMIS PCS interfaces with primary, secondary, and community clinical IT systems to help you tie up care across settings. Integration with the national electronic care record databases – like the Key Information Summary (KIS) – means you have vital information available at a touch of a button.

Not only that, but EMIS PCS supports GP2GP electronic patient record transfer from any current GP practice in Scotland, saving you time and improving access to care information for new patients. 

Here to do all the hard work for you

  • Get up and running right from the get go thanks to an intuitive design.
  • Powerful searching and reporting allows you to effortlessly make the most of your data.
  • Our clinically authored searches and reports help streamline and maximise efficient access to chronic disease patient management. 
  • Find any advice or help you might need by accessing a wealth of training resources via EMIS Now, or by having a quick chat with our knowledgeable support staff. 

Helping patients to improve how they manage their own health

Any patients that are registered with practices using EMIS PCS can book appointments and order repeat prescriptions online. With the flexibility of 24-hour online access to GP services, they can gain help while on the go, without having to visit or call your practice.

With patients and carers able to access the tools they need to better self-manage, you can support them to take control of their own care while easing some of the pressures you face.

EMIS in Scotland

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EMIS in Scotland

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