EMIS Online Triage

Coming soon

Work more efficiently with an online system that allows patients to detail their health issues to their practice and empowers them to self-care.

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Support patients with a 24-hour online system that allows them to detail their health queries.
  • Simple electronic forms allow patients to easily report their symptoms.
  • Help patients to self-care with links to clinically authored self-help resources. 
  • Allows practices to work more efficiently by relieving pressure and reducing unnecessary appointments. 
  • Tailor and personalise resources and links to suit you and your patients’ needs.
  • Works no matter what your clinical system is and helps sites and areas to work together.

Coming soon, EMIS Online Triage is a 24-hour online system that’s accessed via your practice’s website. It provides patients with a convenient way to seek health advice and helps to relieve the pressure practices face by allowing them to work more efficiently.

Improving patient care while reducing unnecessary appointments

Patients can find links to clinically authored self-help resources that support them to self-care where appropriate, and can securely enter their symptoms through easy-to-complete electronic forms if they do require extra help. Practices can then use these details to give advice over the phone or via email, or triage patients to clinicians within their team so that they receive effective care from the right person, the first time around.

Tailored and customisable to suit you and your patients’ needs

  • Ready-made resources for common conditions means patients can use the portal right away.
  • Practices can also tailor and create their own resources, whether it's by customising links or creating forms through the feature-rich form builder.
  • These can be shared across areas and sites to join up care and facilitate collaborative working.

Integrated with EMIS Web

EMIS Online Triage works with any clinical system but will be fully integrated with EMIS Web so completed forms appear in Workflow - helping your practice to work more efficiently.

Funding available

EMIS Online Triage is competitively priced, and in England its cost can be supported through GPFV funding that's been created to allow practices to implement electronic consultations.