EMIS Mobile

Fast, mobile access to EMIS Web

Provide more informed care closer to home by securely and quickly accessing all the core elements of EMIS Web, wherever you are.

  • Primary care
  • Community care

Features and benefits

  • Securely access and update patient records when you’re on the go.
  • Work more efficiently by booking appointments and assigning tasks wherever you are.
  • View patient information without a connection by saving records for when you’re offline.
  • Native Android, iOS and Windows® 10 apps provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience.
  • Improve patient safety with real-time patient alerts and warnings.
  • Developed around user feedback to ensure that you’re using a system that works for you.

Helping you to work more efficiently

Ideal for busy nurses and clinicians who have to travel to and from practices to collect patient records, EMIS Mobile puts everything in one centralised place. This helps you use your time in the most productive way possible, reducing pressure and making everyone's lives easier.

It’s also easy for everyone to keep records up to date since information like new medications can be entered into EMIS Web-authored templates. EMIS Mobile also works with your device's voice recognition capabilities, allowing you to quickly update your notes.

1 hour

Saving clinicians an hour a day

More time for care

By providing you with a variety of ways to manage your schedule, EMIS Mobile supports you in saving time so that you can spend more of it focussing on your patients:

  • book and view upcoming appointments
  • view a map of appointment locations to plan journeys
  • download patient records so that they can be viewed without an internet connection.

With information and support at a touch of a button, it’s already helping clinicians like those at Bromley Healthcare CIC to save an hour a day.

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