Risk Stratification

Our risk stratification tool integrates with your GP clinical system to search for various factors that determine how at risk your patient is.

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Features and benefits

  • Proactively identify patients at risk of unplanned hospital admission.
  • Clinically validated and peer-reviewed algorithm, developed for use in England.
  • Supports the enhanced service for unplanned admissions.
  • Integrates fully with EMIS Web.
  • Information governance (IG) compliant.
  • Uses primary care data, so does not rely on - but is linked to secondary care.

A risk stratification tool that integrates with EMIS Web

NHS England's enhanced service rewards practices for the proactive case management of patients classed as vulnerable or at risk of an unplanned admission. It also rewards those who identify their top two per cent of at-risk patients via a risk stratification tool.

Our Risk Stratification solution is a fully integrated tool which uses the peer-reviewed and clinically validated QAdmissions algorithm. Searching for 29 different risk factors within the patient’s record, it produces an individual risk score for your patient. This will then support you to case-find patients and create a personalised care plan, preventing unplanned hospital admissions.


“Within three months of implementing the tool, it is estimated we have had a 5-10% pick up rate in detecting patients at risk of admission – up to 20 patients. We have written over 200 care plans for vulnerable patients as a result of the tool.”

Dr Kevin Yee, partner at Addington Road Surgery, Bromley

Toolkits and Support

Practices and CCGs are supported with a suite of EMIS Web decision-making tools, including concepts, protocols, templates, alerts and searches. These are designed to help you proactively manage patients identified as at risk.

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