EMIS Health Analytics

Get a true picture of your population’s health by easily viewing and analysing your data from within EMIS Web.

  • Primary care
  • Community care
  • Secondary care

Features and benefits

  • Works within EMIS Web to fully utilise your data.
  • Easily access the information you need with embedded reports and dashboards.
  • Inform both clinicians and managers so they can make better decisions.
  • Transform service delivery by analysing the care you provide.
  • Improve your population’s health and make care fairer.
  • Assess how you’re performing against your targets and reduce costs.

Simple and straightforward insight into your organisation

Whether you want to view information about an individual organisation or need to analyse data on initiatives that involve several providers across areas and sectors, EMIS Health Analytics makes it easy for you to gain insight into the care you provide.

Created to work within EMIS Web, it takes full advantage of your data by structuring it into accessible dashboards, reports, charts and maps that are securely embedded into your clinical system.

Better health for everyone

From monitoring chronic disease management and outcomes to viewing DNA rates or summaries of productivity, you’re provided with a range of ways to analyse care so that you can:

  • manage the quality and delivery of your current services
  • understand what services need to be commissioned
  • improve prevention and early intervention
  • assess capacity and patients’ access to equal healthcare
  • improve decision making for both clinicians and managers
  • increase patients’ access to your services.

EMIS Health Analytics also comes with a range of pre-built dashboards on topics like appointments, registrations and care records to get you up and running instantly. With a wealth of information ready to support you in making transformational changes, you can work towards your aims and goals while bringing about better, fairer care for your population.

Secure, supported and scalable

  • Securely hosted over the N3 network, you don’t need additional hardware or licenses, and can easily add users.
  • Accessed in EMIS Web, there’s no need to remember extra passwords or log-in details.
  • Nightly back-ups to keep your analysed and transformed data readily available.
  • Keep patient data safe as sharing agreements are adhered to.
  • Access tips and answers to queries with our Support Desk and Support Centre.

We’ll also update EMIS Health Analytics to bring you new features. Updates to come soon include advanced analytics on your population’s health, risk stratification tools, workflow management reporting, QOF ruleset integration and predictive analysis.