EMIS Health Analytics

Gain intelligent insight into your population’s health, right from within EMIS Web

By collecting data and structuring it into reports and dashboards, our healthcare intelligence platform gives you easy access to the information you need to make meaningful changes to care.

  • Primary care
  • Community care
  • Secondary care

Features and benefits

  • Improve proactive care by getting a true picture of your population’s health.
  • Reduce costs through analysis of care delivery and performance across areas.
  • Get the most out of your system with our market-leading support.
  • Quickly digest data with improved reports and dashboards, and a smooth user interface.
  • Better utilise appointments by comparing DNA rates and appointment activity.
  • Easily access analysis via a single sign on as part of EMIS Web.

Making use of your data so that you can make meaningful change

Whether you want to transform your services, reduce costs or meet the Five Year Forward View’s aims – including the NHS’s 10 Point Efficiency Plan – EMIS Health Analytics can help. From overviews of performance to detailed analysis, it gives you a rich source of intelligence that you can use to make informed decisions about your services.

How does EMIS Health Analytics work?

  • EMIS Health Analytics collects information from across organisations.
  • Data is then structured into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that are embedded within EMIS Web – which also means you can access everything with just one password.
  • View information for multiple or individual providers to tailor your reporting.
  • CCGs, commissioners and GP federations can give practices access to the system and collect data from across sectors once organisations have agreed to share data.

Giving you the tools to deliver efficient and high-quality care

We’ve focussed reporting around three main areas – appointments, care records and registrations - which can help you to improve care in various ways:

  • enhance prevention and early intervention – make use of QOF ruleset integration, and monitor chronic disease management, outcomes and risk scores
  • deliver the right services in the right areas – view patient demographics, clinic attendance and patient counts
  • cut prescribing waste and improve medicines optimisation – identify high-cost patients, compare local drug costs and better understand where generic drugs can be used.

Share best practice and reduce your costs in the process

By being able to compare performance across organisations, you can share best practice, understand how to best use budgets and commission effective services for patients.

The ability to compare DNA rates can also help you to tackle the £162 million that’s spent on the 12 million GP appointments that are missed each year. And with improved medicines data, you can work towards reducing the £128 million that’s spent on high-cost drugs with low clinical value.

Helping you to easily get the most out of your information

Since EMIS Health Analytics works within our clinical system, we know exactly what data can be used to represent your different activities. Finding specific data is easy too, with search and find features, and the ability to define timescales for reports.

If you need a hand getting started, our market-leading support services – including our support desk team and our online Support Centre – have you covered.