EMIS Web Receptionist

Are you starting a new receptionist role or would you like a refresh on EMIS Web? This course is aimed to help you become familiar with using some of the basic functions within the system looking at system navigation, changing patient registration details and managing appointment bookings. We’ll also cover how you can view consultations, medication and documents in a patient’s medical record and learn about using tasks to communicate within your organisation.


  • Access this course with an EMIS Academy subscription
  • Receive badges and certificates for course completion
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After this course, you'll know how to

  • Log on to EMIS Web and customise your homepage
  • Find a patient
  • Navigate the patient precis, including understanding warnings
  • Navigate the appointment book
  • Update appointment slot statuses
  • Navigate and utilise the Care Record
  • Print patient summaries
  • View and send tasks

This course includes

  • 60 mins of on demand video content
  • 14 mins of additional video resources
  • 1 end of topic quiz
  • Interactive activities
  • Topic completion badge
  • Certificate of completion


  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.