EMIS Web Population Reporting

Being able to accurately report on data within an organisation is becoming more and more important in the healthcare industry. This course will cover all aspects of the Population Reporting module in EMIS Web. You’ll find several courses available starting off with an introduction course focusing on building simple searches and reports to identify cohorts of patients.


  • Access this course with an EMIS Academy subscription
  • Receive badges and certificates for course completion
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After this course, you'll know how to

  • Access Population Reporting
  • Manage folders
  • Create searches
  • Create reports

This course includes

  • 60 mins of on demand video content
  • Additional video resources
  • 3 resource guides
  • 1 end of topic quiz
  • Interactive activities
  • Topic completion badge
  • Certificate of completion


  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.