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The EMIS Academy platform puts the power of learning into your hands, allowing you to learn at your own pace at any time, from anywhere.


  • Access to training 24/7 - anytime, anywhere.
  • Support staff development with a wide range of interactive learning.
  • Manage learning across a team or group of organisations.
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EMIS Academy is a subscription based digital learning platform allowing you to take the power of learning into your own hands by providing 24/7 access to the latest interactive training resources to enhance, optimise and transform your ways of working with our software and solutions.

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Supporting professional development

EMIS Academy is here to empower you to get the most out of EMIS products and solutions. Browse our library of virtual and interactive learning, earning badges and certificates as you go, access our online calendar of free live webinars and even chat with other users in our subject forums. What’s more as a CPD accredited learning provider, we have a range of EMIS Academy courses that can help you progress your professional development.

A powerful management tool

EMIS Academy isn’t just a learning platform; it’s a powerful management tool. With dashboards that provide a holistic view of learning across an entire organisation, you can assess the knowledge of your teams, identify gaps and even target your learners with specific courses and events. By monitoring, measuring and managing learning across your organisation, you can empower your teams to take charge of their development and find new ways to grow and flourish

Features & benefits

EMIS Academy provides a low-cost alternative to on site learning and development and is therefore an important consideration to ensure you are getting the expected value from your training investment.

Learner benefits

Our EMIS Academy learners can manage their own learning pathways, engaging with their understanding on how to optimise their use of our software and services in an innovative way, with access to interactive expert knowledge through a mapped learning plan. These benefits can be realised immediately on subscription purchase.

  • Learn at your own pace - self-paced learning means users can complete their set targets at any time.
  • Earn badges and certificates - badges and certificates are a good way of celebrating achievement and showing progress. These may be awarded based on a variety of chosen criteria, for example by completing a course or activity.
  • Track course completion - course completion enables our learners to track their progress and manage their time for the courses they are enrolled in.
  • Local organisation forums - each EMIS Academy course contains a forum to raise queries and engage in conversations about the course topics with all the enrolled users in your local organisation.

Manager benefits

EMIS Academy provides managers a platform to oversee their staff learning and development in using our software and services. They check comprehension and course completion either in line with the implementation of an EMIS product or simply as part of their staff development plans.

  • Learn anywhere - our manager’s learning and development is important too, and so they have all the same benefits as our EMIS Academy learners.
  • Staff administration - all our managers have access to our built-in change request forms to submit changes to their learners including removing and temporarily suspending users and updating user’s profile details.
  • Performance reporting - EMIS Academy managers are able to track and report on the progress of their learners using various reporting tools within each course.
  • Local organisation messaging - using the built-in live messaging tool, our EMIS Academy managers can contact their learners directly to follow up on course activity and celebrate achievements.

Super Manager benefits

Users who sign up to EMIS Academy as a group of organisations (i.e. a CCG/PCN or Head Office) will have the added benefit of a holistic view of knowledge attained across their entire network of organisations/practices.

  • Learn at any time - our Super Managers have all the benefits of our learners and managers, including access to complete our courses, and earn badges and certificates.
  • Group administration - we understand the need for simplified staff administration. That’s why our Super Managers have access to our change request forms to make amendments to learners and managers across their entire organisation network.
  • Organisation reporting - our course completion reports provide a complete view of learner and manager progress, separated by organisation for easy viewing.

Your own personalised dashboard

Each EMIS Academy user will have their own personalised dashboard, providing quick access to various site features including all their enrolled courses and all our upcoming events.

EMIS Academy

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