Cut the time and cost of sending letters to patients

  • Primary care

Docmail automates the task of sending letters to patients with a click of the mouse.

The application is easy to use, saves you time and with a single sided letter sent second class priced from 44p + vat, it will also save you money.

Security of data is the highest priority. The Docmail N3/ Health and Social Care Network service sits within the NHS network, so there's no need to leave your network to send your patient letters.

The physical printing and postage of the letters is handled by Docmail, so once practice staff have created their order and checked a proof, they can focus on other tasks without the administrative burden of printing, collating and posting.

The whole system is extremely flexible - you create your own letters and choose which patients you want to send them to, from just a single recipient to a large group of people, e.g. flu vaccination reminders. Copies of the letter or template are saved automatically in the relevant patients’ medical records.

Take advantage of an introductory £1 credit to send a couple of sample letters. 

Docpost, Docmail's secure online digital post box, allows patients to receive, store and view letters from practices online, supporting the requirement of a paperless NHS.