Constant Connect

Secure 3G connection back-up service providing business continuity

In the event of ADSL broadband failure the Constant Connect service automatically connects to N3, supporting EPS and other important functions.

  • Community pharmacy

Constant Connect

Features and benefits

  • Automatic transfer to a secure 3G connection in the event of ADSL broadband failure.
  • Continued access to the N3 network.
  • Ensure minimum disruption to both your business and your customers.
  • Continue essential services including dispensing and product ordering.

We understand the implications on your pharmacy and customers in the event your broadband connection fails. That’s why we developed Constant Connect, a pharmacy-specific 3G connection back-up service so you never have to be without N3 connectivity.

A reliable, constant N3 connection is an essential part of running any pharmacy but we know that sometimes things can go wrong and Constant Connect provides you with the peace of mind that you can continue serving your customers if your broadband fails.

“Constant Connect gives me peace of mind and the confidence to continue increasing my R2 prescription volumes.”

Mr James Currie, Curries Pharmacy, Bradford

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