Clinical Risk

A tool to support commissioners to maintain and improve standards of care delivery

Clinical Risk, part of The Clinical Manager Application, is a CVD risk stratification tool to identify and track patients with a high risk of developing CVD if left untreated, and has been developed in partnership with the University of Birmingham and Sandwell PCT.

Clinical Risk filters those patients that do not have CVD and assesses their future risk allowing you to prioritise patients and use the mail merge facility to make appointments for a NHS Health Check. You can also check if patients are on other disease registers enabling users to check the patient opportunistically at their next appointment.

Bespoke searches can be incorporated within the Clinical Audit application to enable easy monitoring of a local enhanced scheme, including a NHS Health Check LES. For example, a list of those patients who have had the Health Check, not attended, or declined the Health Check can be produced. Patients receiving lifestyle advice or referral lifestyle programmes such as smoking cessations can also be monitored.

Anonymised data extracts can then be made available to Consortium Managers for further comparison.

Note: Clinical Risk IS accredited for PCS LAN in Scotland.