Clinical Audit

A tool to support commissioners to maintain and improve standards of care delivery

  • Primary care

Clinical Audit, part of The Clinical Manager Application, is used by a number of PCTs and Consortia to help develop and deliver their Local Enhanced Services (LES) across a range of national and local priority areas including Cancer, COPD, NHS Health Checks, Diabetes, Mental Health, End of Life and many more.

With a comprehensive list of pre-authored searches, Clinical Audit will support Consortia to develop and deliver clinical care pathways to maintain and improve standards of care delivery that focus on Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention (QIPP).

Clinical Audit enables the extraction of data needed from the clinical system for viewing and analysis in the surgery. It can also present lists of patients reporting against each indicator.

An anonymised output can be automatically made available to Consortia Managers for further analysis. Using the MSDi Practice Comparison application practices can be grouped and compared against any of the pre-authored or commissioned bespoke searches.

Note: Clinical Audit is accredited for PCS LAN in Scotland.