Hospitals throughout the country rely on our patient administration system (PAS) to help them easily and efficiently track the care they provide.


  • Easily track every part of your care with a real-time view of integrated patient data from across departments.  
  • Improve efficiencies with a range of additional integrated modules that connect your care even closer together.
  • Deliver a better all-round experience by streamlining patient-facing services and processes.
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Make more informed decisions with an integrated, real-time view of your care 

Tracking and managing your care is made both fast and simple with our patient administration system (PAS).  

CaMIS PAS brings together real-time data on outpatients, waiting lists and inpatients, and combines it with all the core components of a patient master index (PMI). Not only that, but our system also integrates with departmental software and interoperates with hospital clinical IT systems – including trust integration engines. Add all of this together, and what you get is one true, centralised view of all your patient data.  

With the ability to access, retrieve and store a seamless flow of information that covers your entire care process, you’ve got all that you need to instantly make more informed clinical decisions.  

“It has massively cut down on the time patients wait to hear about a hospital appointment, and it means clinicians’ time is used much more efficiently”

Margaret Herkes, patient booking manager, County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Making your life easier – and your targets more attainable   

  • Meet your aims: our electronic system both reduces paper and improves reporting.  
  • Keep compliant: CaMIS PAS is fully compliant with the e-Referral Service (e-RS). 
  • Take the hassle out of data collection: gain easy access to referral-to-treatment (RTT) data and real-time patient pathway activity – including clock ‘starts and stops’. 
  • Easily feed into national databasesextract commissioning data set (CDS) data and send it to the Secondary Uses Service (SUS) 

Giving you even more control with our range of integrated modules 

  • Bed ManagementProactively manage bed occupancies and effectively deal with crises and seasonal pressures with our module that gives you a better handle over patient admissions, transfers and discharges. 
  • Patient Pathways: Gain a clear and concise view of all data involved in patient pathways and RTT periods, all while maintaining high data quality.  
  • Clinical Viewer: Our easy-to-use module gives you a graphically rich overview of a patient’s entire record.  
  • Clinical Record Tracking: Know that information is in the right place, at the right time with our module that allows you be better manage and track clinical records.  
  • Clinical Correspondence and Digital Dictation: With automated, end-to-end dictation entry, you can quickly and efficiently generate documents. 

Already making hospital referrals 100% electronic for more than half a million patients 

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust worked with us so that they could make hospital referrals entirely electronicWith GP e-referrals now sent to CaMIS PAShundreds of thousands of patients can simply go online and book their own appointments. Read their story here.