Quickly and effectively assess blood pressure conditions with a lightweight wireless device.

  • Primary care
  • Community care
  • Secondary care

Features and benefits

  • Wireless device for monitoring blood pressure.
  • Capture high-quality readings
  • Achieve more accurate results than with a traditional cuff and monitor.
  • Validated by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).
  • Records real-time artery pulse waves.
  • Removes manual data entry by transferring data to EMIS Web.

The wireless BPro watch allows you to effectively monitor blood pressure activity for early management of hypertension and related illnesses.

Validated by the European Society of Hypertension, it provides you with accurate results without a traditional cuff and monitor. 

A comfortable, lightweight and reliable solution for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), the BPro also provides a seamless transfer of data from patient to software – and then to EMIS Web. 

Fast and effective assessment

  • Eliminates manual data transfer and improves patient safety with full integration to EMIS Web.
  • Records real-time artery pulse waves to capture high-quality readings.
  • Generates a comprehensive 24-hour report for accurate diagnosis and reliable treatment.
  • Automatically transfers Read Codes and a full PDF report to the correct patient record.

Non-invasive and easy to use

Simple to configure and easy to fit, the BPro improves both consultation time and the patient’s experience.

The non-inflating technology means that ABPM readings can be taken comfortably, as recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). This means that patients can be continuously monitored without disturbing their daily activities – or their sleep at night. 

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