BlueBayCT Clinical Tools

A clinical decision support tool that maximises your QOF points and provides clear best-practice advice

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Provides you with important real-time decision support at the point of consultation.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-follow interface.
  • Includes easily understood rule-based frameworks for pathways.
  • Comprehensive support with over 30 risk stratification tools and calculators.
  • Helps you to manage your enhanced services and health screenings.
  • Includes advanced QOF tools for data collection and monitoring.

BlueBayCT is a feature-rich clinical decision support tool that interacts in real time at the point of care. Traditionally used to assist with QOF, BlueBayCT also provides a framework for any type of decision support, giving clinicians clear best practice advice and recommendations.

Helping you to manage
The authoring tools contained in BlueBayCT allow non-technical users to transform paper-based guidelines into clinical rules and workflows that are automatically compiled to create interactive pathways for users. These pathways contain:

  • interactive popup alerts
  • intuitive clinical management screens
  • quick data capture tools
  • advanced practice reporting
  • call/recall functions.

All of these features assist you in adhering with care pathways and clinical guidelines.

Advanced insight

With a comprehensive set of features that seamlessly integrate with EMIS Web, EMIS PCS and EMIS LV, you can gain important insight into your organisation. Practice-wide target lists, statistics and data analysis run alongside advanced QOF tools to give you detailed data collection, monitoring and analysis capabilities.

Plus, you can manage patient calls/recalls with invite tracking and mail merging and can gain information on practice-based payment reporting for enhanced services. And it’s all made easy to do with an intuitive and simple interface.