Bed Management

Our Bed Management solution allows you to easily manage patient flow from admission to discharge.


  • Save time managing bed availability and patient flow  

  • Improved operational efficiencies and smoother workflows

  • Improved operational efficiencies and smoother workflows

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Delivering a seamless integrated solution

EMIS Web Bed Management and Inpatient Workflow provides ward and bed management functionality built into the existing structures and workflows of EMIS Web providing a seamless, integrated solution. It allows a unified workflow from referral through to discharge, as well as capacity and bed level management.  ​

The solution also enables ward managers to easily monitor status across the facility, reducing the need for manual headcount. With built-in reporting, you can easily access reports on key metrics, including admission numbers, stay length and bed occupancy.   

Take a look at our animation below to find out more.

Enhancing the patient experience

Through this integration, bed managers can provide quicker and more efficient service, reducing patients wait time. The reduced wait time will not only help improve the patient experience but will also increase efficiency ensure a smooth process for staff.

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