Arezzo Pathways

Optimising care pathways

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Saves time - automatically generates referral documents, reducing administrative and clinical effort.
  • Optimal care - uses evidence-based decision support to promote the optimal decision first time, every time.
  • Easy to access and use - simple, intuitive user interface launched directly from the clinician’s PC.
  • Up to date - instant access to the latest guidelines and reference data.
  • Defensible - full record of all actions and decisions provides support and strengthens clinical governance.

Arezzo Pathways combines best practice clinical guidelines with individual patient data to dynamically generate care pathways and provide decision recommendations specific to each patient at the point of care. This assists clinicians in managing patients with long-term conditions and in making timely and appropriate referrals.

Arezzo Pathways automatically populates the pathway with relevant patient data, prompts for additional investigations where necessary and provides personalised recommendations with pros and cons for each course of action.