AccuRx Chain

Eliminate inappropriate antibiotic use

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Reduce inappropriate antibiotic use and choice
  • Save time in the consultation
  • Enable a shift in skill mix
  • Improve patient safety and experience
  • Create a┬ádetailed audit trail with automatic coding
  • Tailored to local guidelines

Antimicrobial resistance is a significant and pressing health challenge, with the prevalence of drug-resistant infections continuing to rise, threatening modern medicine as we know it.

AccuRx Chain provides fully-integrated decision support and patient advice to help clinicians reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. The intuitive decision support can be used as a shared decision-making aid, and also enables nurses and pharmacists to confidently manage more routine infections. The patient advice is personalised and can be added to, before being printed and sent by text message.

Chain navigates both national and local guidelines, using the medical record and clinician responses. The intuitive solution has been built collaboratively with clinicians and a new versions are regularly released based on user feedback.

By improving antibiotic prescribing accuracy and preventing a rise in rates of drug-resistance, commissioners can avoid costly hospital admissions and practices can reduce re-consultation rates.