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  • Dragon Medical One

    Dragon Medical One

    AI-powered speech recognition solution seamlessly voice-enables the EMIS electronic patient record (EPR).

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  • Clinical Data Intelligence

    Clinical Data Intelligence

    Analyse data for patient data and identify actionable information that makes a difference to patient outcomes with Clinical Data Intelligence.

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  • M8 Integrated Health Monitor

    M8 Integrated Health Monitor

    Stand-alone health monitors suitable for public and general use in GP Surgeries, hospitals and commercial settings.

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    Hospitals throughout the country rely on our patient administration system (PAS) to help them easily and efficiently track the care they provide.

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  • Anywhere Consult

    Anywhere Consult

    Our flexible mobile solution makes consulting with your patient remotely and off-site easy by providing real-time access to NHS systems and services.

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  • Lloyd George digitisation

    Lloyd George digitisation

    Fully managed and secure digitisation of your Lloyd George records

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  • EMIS secure remote access

    EMIS secure remote access

    A two factor authentication token that enables fast and secure remote connection to the HSCN and transition networks from any location.

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  • GP Web

    GP Web

    Provide your patients with a great online experience with our website design and management system. With a clean and simple design, we’ll create a site that truly reflects your organisation and supports patients to become more engaged with your services.

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  • Practice Wi-Fi

    Practice Wi-Fi

    Provide everyone in your practice with the opportunity to get online with Practice Wi-Fi. By giving staff the option to work securely from anywhere in the practice while allowing patients to access the internet while they wait, you can let everyone benefit from a more connected experience.

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