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  • Intradoc247


    Improve collaboration and compliance with our cloud-based back office solution that allows teams across locations to access and share information.

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  • Multepos


    A digital point-of-sale solution to effectively manage your retail pharmacy.

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  • Training and Optimisation

    Training and Optimisation

    We provide flexible and tailored training and optimisation packages to help you get the most from our products by working smarter, not harder.

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  • FMD Authenticator

    FMD Authenticator

    Our online solution allows you to easily scan, verify and recommission medicines so that your hospital pharmacy or GP practice can be FMD compliant from 9 February 2019.

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    Deliver informed and accurate care more efficiently with the most widely used clinical software in Scotland.

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  • Online Triage

    Online Triage

    A 24/7 online consultation system that supports patients and reduces pressure on your practice.

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  • CallConnect GP

    CallConnect GP

    Intelligent telephone answering system designed to free up valuable resource, saving time and money whilst reducing the risk of human error.

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  • CSIS Medication Review Solution

    CSIS Medication Review Solution

    The first patient-centred clinical medication review solution for patients with multiple conditions, identifying potentially harmful medications.

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    Hospitals throughout the country rely on our patient administration system (PAS) to help them easily and efficiently track the care they provide.

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