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  • Explorer


    Query, analyse and visualise data with Explorer, the first product to be launched in the EMIS-X Analytics suite.

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  • ePMA


    Improve efficiency, safety and outcomes for patients and reduce errors and waste.

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  • Electronic Medicines Management

    Electronic Medicines Management

    Deliver services directly to patients on the ward.

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  • Hospital Pharmacy

    Hospital Pharmacy

    Our hospital pharmacy system helps you manage medicine, prevent clinical errors and reduce paper.

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  • Symphony


    Real-time patient information in urgent and emergency care settings, for better, safer care.

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  • EMIS Mobile

    EMIS Mobile

    A mobile system providing access to core elements of EMIS Web on your tablet, anytime, anywhere.

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  • Online Consult

    Online Consult

    Provide your patients with a digital front door to their healthcare that allows them to easily seek support and self-help advice.

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  • Video Consult

    Video Consult

    Improve access to care and give patients the ability to get help without having to visit their practice with our video consultation solution.

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  • Intradoc247


    Improve collaboration and compliance with our cloud-based back office solution that allows teams across locations to access and share information.

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