Using your feedback to enhance EMIS Web

31 Jan 2019

EMIS Web was created by clinicians, for clinicians. As the most widely used clinical software in the UK, it supports thousands of organisations to run efficiently and deliver the best patient care. To ensure that this is always the case, we’re always looking to improve EMIS Web by putting your feedback and ideas to use.

You’ve already made quite the difference

In the final four months of 2018 alone, we developed 25 of our users’ ideas. Below are just a few of the most popular suggestions that have helped to make lives easier for healthcare professionals:

Complete searches in the medication screen

Perhaps one of your most requested ideas, this update means you can easily find information about a patient’s medicine history. Take a patient who can’t remember the name of the medication they took as an example. If they do remember they had to take it with food, you can run a search for ‘food’ and see the medicines they’ve been prescribed that they had to eat with. It’s a big time saver.

Easily replace medications

What was a long-winded process – with one medication having to be ended and another then added – now all happens in just one step. Not only does the update save time by ensuring that new medications automatically end the one they’re replacing, but it keeps records accurate too, since it generates audits and ensures reasons for replacement are detailed in patients’ records.

Change the status of multiple problems at once

Practices were finding that patients’ problems screens were cluttered with things that weren’t really problems, mainly because of poor data entry. Each took around five seconds to remove, so for patients with messy screens, it could take a good few minutes to resolve them all. Now, you can remove all the inaccurate entries in the same amount of clicks it previously took to remove one.

“I sent my request off and now it’s being implemented into EMIS Web.”

Paul Dodds, practice manager, Bridge End Surgery

Don’t just take our word for it…

We spoke to three different healthcare professionals to understand what difference their ideas had after they were incorporated into EMIS Web:   

Who?: Paul Dodds, practice manager at Bridge End Surgery 
Suggestion: Home telephone number search that ensures numbers are recorded in the correct field.

What they said: “This user development request is really important. It helps us get SMS messages out to patients as this can only be done when mobile numbers are in mobile fields on EMIS Web. Being able to send out text reminders to patients helps reduce DNAs.”

Who?: David Griffin, deputy partnership manager at Tilehurst Surgery Partnership 
Suggestion: Split appointment slots by specific time increments of your own choosing.

What they said: “EMIS Web would automatically split a 15-minute appointment slot into two eight and nine-minute appointments. Now I’m able to split this into three 5-minute appointments that can be used for telephone appointments. It means patients aren’t being given funny appointment times and it makes the product easier to use for our reception and admin teams”.

“It does make you feel like you’re being listened to as a customer.”

David Griffin, deputy partnership manager, Tilehurst Surgery Partnership

Who?: Emma de Souza, GP at Vine House Centre
Suggestion: Use synonyms/quick codes and texts within tasks - these allow you to use shorter phrases that automatically become longer sentences.

What they said: “When we’re doing medication reviews, instead of sending a letter we can send a task to reception for them to call the patient. It speeds things up and encourages my colleagues to remember to ask patients to come back into the practice.”

It all starts with you

We want to hear all of your ideas about how we can evolve EMIS Web, whether they’re about improving patient care, enhancing organisational efficiency or making your job that little bit easier.

Our close relationship with the National User Group (NUG) means you can now directly log your suggestions with them. The NUG’s an independent body that represents over 1,600 GP practices and their experienced EMIS Web users, so their clinical insight is vital in helping us to prioritise ideas.

Three steps to getting your ideas developed within EMIS Web

  • Log your ideas via the NUG Facebook page or email your ideas to - just remember, your ideas should be about delivering small changes to existing processes rather than making large modular changes.

  • Our product team works with the NUG to assess your ideas – together, we score an idea on its value, the number of users it affects, the pain it alleviates, its usability and how often it’s been requested.

  • Your idea is prioritised for development after it’s been scored – each idea is awarded up to 25 points, with its score determining when it’ll be developed. The higher the score, the sooner your idea will be incorporated into EMIS Web.

“I thought with EMIS Health being such a big organisation that my voice wouldn’t be heard. But I do feel like I’m being listened to as a user of the system.”

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