The future’s digital: can technology save the NHS

18 Feb 2016

Matt Murphy, our managing director for primary, community and commissioning, took part in a panel discussion this morning focused on the impact of technology on healthcare outcomes.

‘The future’s digital: can technology save the NHS?’ was run by FTI Consulting, to debate the issues  around adoption of medical innovations such as precision medicines, digital devices, apps, diagnostics and new therapeutic technologies.

When we launched the personal health record (PHR) two years ago as part of Apple’s HealthKit, we knew it would make a real difference to patient’s lives. Last year we met Angela and had the opportunity to see first-hand what a difference it made. Angela had hypertension but by measuring her blood pressure using her iPhone, rather than going into the surgery, her GP found that she was suffering from ‘white coat syndrome’.  Her blood pressure wasn’t as bad as they first thought, saving her from having to take medication, and saving the cost of unnecessary medication too.

The panel this morning was:

  • Patricia Hewitt, senior advisor, FTI Consulting and former secretary of state for health
  • Mike Bewick, clinical advisor, Healthcare Solutions, FTI Consulting and former deputy medical director of NHS England
  • Matt Murphy, managing director, EMIS Health
  • Siobhan Jones, deputy director, Office for Life Sciences
  • Michael Seres, founder and CEO, 11 Health.

Find out more about the PHR and Apple Healthkitand watch Angela’s story

Read more about the debate on Twitter via the hashtag #FTitalksmedtech.