North Somerset gives safer, more efficient care with joined-up technology

12 Apr 2016

Clinicians in North Somerset are making safer decisions and freeing up more time for patient care with the help of secure record-sharing via EMIS Health technology.

Around 750 community staff employed by North Somerset Community Partnership and 26 GP practices are providing joined-up care for more than 22,000 patients. Since switching to clinical system EMIS Web 11 months ago, GPs and community staff are benefitting from two-way real-time data sharing to obtain vital patient information.

It means they are saving hours of admin time a week, and making informed clinical decisions more quickly.

EMIS Web is helping North Somerset to manage more than 30 services closer to patients’ homes, including Rapid Response, dementia care, MSK, Specialist Nursing district nursing, health visiting, a community hospital and a minor injury unit.

Claire Shepherd, business transformation lead at NSCP said: “Staff now have a more complete picture of patients’ histories, enabling them to make more informed decisions and provide more appropriate care."

“Before, they had to ring the GP and wait for a fax or pick up a printed summary. Now they can see the record instantly. It is saving hours a week.”

Claire Shepherd, business transformation lead

NSCP Community pharmacist Tan Lim visits elderly patients at home to assess and advise on complex medication regimes. She said: “EMIS Web is invaluable for medication reviews. Previously, I had to rely on a summary from the GP, and what patients were able to tell me themselves. I can now see a vast amount of information in the GP record."

“It has made my work safer, particularly among patients with dementia.”

Tan Lim, community pharmacist

“For example, recently I spotted a potentially dangerous drug interaction between a blood thinning drug and one for gastric reflux. The gastric drug makes the blood thinning agent less effective.”

Dr Mike Jenkins, a partner at Riverbank Medical Centre, Worle said: “Communication via secure record sharing is key to ensuring that patients’ needs can be met across the web of organisations and staff involved in their care. Being able to easily and instantly access other healthcare professionals’ notes makes a huge difference to the way we can coordinate their care, make decisions more effectively and make a difference sooner to help patients. It is a great step forward for me as a GP to know what has happened with a patient’s care earlier in the day.”