NHS cyber attack: Q&A

15 May 2017

We've created a quick Q&A guide to support our GP practice customers who use EMIS Web who may have been affected by the recent NHS cyber attack. Below are answers to the top five questions our support team have been asked this week.

Is it safe to log in?

EMIS Web is unaffected so if you can access your PC then you will be able to log in. However, if you’re concerned your Windows system might be infected then please contact your local IT support for further advice.

I cannot log in to EMIS Web. What should I do?

If you are able to access your PC, but are unable to login to EMIS Web, then firstly ensure all network cables are properly connected and then check your login details. If you have forgotten your password, then your practice manager should be able to reset this for you. If your practice manager is unavailable, contact the EMIS Web support team on 0330 0241 270. If you are unable to access your PC for any reason, then you should contact your local IT department.

The link through which I access EMIS Web has been deliberately shut down by local IT support. Is Business Continuity available?

Business Continuity mode should still be available. If you require assistance accessing this then you can contact the EMIS Web support team on 0330 0241 270.

Should we shut down our server? What else should we do? 

Any software with local area network (LAN) data stores could have been impacted if your systems were affected by the ransomware attack. If you are concerned you’ve been impacted, contact your local IT department in the first instance.

If you think that any machine, including PCs and servers, within your IT environment has been infected by this malware (or any other virus) it is important that you immediately disconnect the relevant device(s) from your network and contact your local IT department.

If you use LAN based software, such as PCS LAN, and need to rebuild any servers, you’ll be able to use your backup tapes to restore your data.

Does EMIS Health have general advice for its customers at this time?

Be vigilant. Ensure your virus security is up to date. Don’t use USB sticks, don’t click on links in emails or browse to websites which are not encrypted. Speak to your local IT team if you have any concerns around your systems or computer. 

Need further help? Contact your local IT team/CCG, visit EMIS Now or call our support team on the relevant number listed here.