Vote for your national health superhero

As the NHS turns 70 this year, we’re celebrating the everyday heroes who make it what it is - our national health superhero.

The NHS has been pioneering advances in healthcare throughout its 70 year existence. For 30 years we've supported this transformation, helping to improve efficiency and patient experience through revolutionary technology and innovative IT systems.

Whilst technology can drive many advancements, we still rely on the many extraordinary people working across the NHS to deliver and support the high quality healthcare we all need.

In a big year for the NHS, we want to celebrate the hard work of NHS staff. To do this, we’re asking you to nominate your national health superheroes – the people who really stand out and go the extra mile to support patients and colleagues. These everyday superheroes could be anyone from midwives to GPs, and porters to researchers - the people who work hard every day to ensure the NHS continues to support patients and improve healthcare.

And the winner is...

Our national health superhero has been drawn but as superheroes tend to be off doing good we’ve not been able to speak to them yet. We’re going to have to keep you in suspense for a little longer before you find out who the winner is.