Major contract gives EMIS Health up to 50% share of community pharmacy market

16 Mar 2016

EMIS Health has announced a major contract with Celesio UK to extend its market share providing community pharmacy systems and services to up to 7,000 community pharmacies.

The contract with Celesio UK expands the companies’ current agreement covering AAH’s third party Proscript Link customer estate of around 2,000 pharmacies to add up to 1,800 Lloyds pharmacies in the UK. The contract cements EMIS Health’s position as the sector’s market leader. It will provide the ProScript patient medication record system to up to 50% of community pharmacies in the UK, close to its GP coverage of over 50%.

The Lloyds Pharmacies estate and AAH’s Proscript Link customers will now be able to use the Pharmacy Access service integrated with the ProScript software to allow them to send electronic repeat requests to surgeries using the EMIS Web clinical system. Pharmacists will also be able to view a summary of the medical record, subject to patient consent and GP data-sharing agreements in place, further enhancing patient care.

In addition to Pharmacy Access, Lloyds Pharmacy stores and AAH’s Proscript Link customers will have access to the My Local Pharmacy app which is integrated with ProScript to assist them in maintaining patient nominations. The nomination is reaffirmed each time a patient sends a repeat request to their nominated pharmacy using the app, ensuring the nomination does not move without the patient’s knowledge.

“It is excellent news for patients who will benefit from these additional services.”

Ian Taylor, managing director for community pharmacy, EMIS Health

Chris Frost, sales director at AAH Pharmaceuticals said: “This was a very important decision for us which we gave a great deal of consideration. In the end it came down to what will set apart our AAH Proscript Link customers and Lloyds Pharmacy estates - what will give all of us the edge in providing better patient care. We believe that is the enhanced services we can now tap into. Being able to seamlessly interact with GPs now and with other healthcare providers in the near future in order to enhance the service to patients is paramount for Lloyds Pharmacies and for our AAH Proscript Link customers, and we look forward to maximising on the potential this offers.”

Ian Taylor, managing director for community pharmacy, EMIS Health said: “We are delighted to have signed this landmark deal with Celesio UK. It is excellent news for patients who will benefit from these additional services. Nearly half of the country’s community pharmacists will now have the integrated software they need to provide joined-up care in partnership with GPs and other healthcare colleagues.”