Long-term conditions tool reduces GPs’ workload and speeds up care

09 Mar 2017

A West Midlands GP is reducing workload and speeding up vital care for patients with long-term conditions (LTCs) using a new tool he developed using EMIS Health technology.

Dr Nicholas Boeckx, of Halesowen Medical Practice in Dudley, has developed protocols and templates that enable trained healthcare assistants (HCAs) to carry out annual LTC reviews using the EMIS Web clinical system. The pilot practice has a list size of 10,000.

Thanks to the new tool, around 54% of patients with LTCs do not have to see a GP. For every 1000 patients with a LTC this has freed up 62 hours of GP time and saved £9,000.  As a result, GPs and nurses are able to offer longer appointments for patients with complex needs. It is proving popular with staff and patients alike.


“Not only does the tool free up clinicians for other work, it makes follow-up appointments with these patients more succinct by highlighting areas of poor control and providing targeted guidance.”

Dr Nicholas Boeckx, Halesowen Medical Practice

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