Jeremy Hunt announces £75m in funding for e-prescribing solutions

01 Mar 2018

On Friday, Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt promised a £75 million investment from the government to help NHS hospitals implement e-prescribing systems.

This announcement comes in light of a new Government funded report revealing that 22,300 deaths in the NHS result from prescribing errors.  

At £16 billion a year, medicines account for the second largest spend in the NHS, with medication errors costing an additional estimated £1.6 billion each year. These errors can result from a failure to monitor patients on powerful drugs, administration of the wrong medication and poor communication between GPs and hospitals. The funding for e-prescribing solutions will aim to tackle these issues by reducing the risk of errors, reducing medicine wastage and improving patient safety. A recent National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded study has shown that the use of ePrescribing in hospitals can reduce medication errors by up to 50%, as well as showing the systems to be cost effective.

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) provides mental health, substance misuse and disability care services. They currently use our ePrescribing system in conjunction with electronic Medicines Management and Pharmacy Stock Control Robotic Dispensing systems also provided by EMIS Health. The combination of these systems means that prescriptions can be clinically screened by a pharmacist then supplied automatically without any need for manual transcription saving time and money, whilst providing a faster, more efficient way of working with reduced risk.

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