How usability has evolved in clinical system design

15 Aug 2016

Our chief medical officer, Shaun O'Hanlon, recently took part in a webinar with Digital Health about the evolution of clinical system usability.

Chaired by Jon Hoeksma, CEO and editor of Digital Health, on Friday 12 August, Shaun shared how software usability has transformed over the years and the technology that's made this happen. 

Putting this system usability evolution into context, Shaun explained how our systems are designed and tested, from our first ever clinical system - EMIS LV - right through to EMIS Web - the UK's most widely used primary care clinical system in the UK, that's also used by community teams across the country. 

Explaining how we've developed our systems' user experience over the last 29 years, Shaun shared our latest usability testing work - electronic eye tracking research - which is helping us gain a detailed insight into just how our software is used. 

Missed the webinar and want to find out more?

You can read more from Shaun about usability in one of his latest blog posts - Usability - the real holy grail of healthcare IT?