Hinchingbrooke to deliver paperless EPR with EMIS Health EDRM

22 Jul 2015

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust are achieving their paperless goals and improving communication across healthcare settings by integrating electronic document and record management (EDRM) into their electronic patient record (EPR) system, both provided by EMIS Health.

The digital document and records repository will be integrated to all key clinical systems, automatically populating each patient’s digital patient case note and where applicable, sharing clinical documents and correspondence with primary care and other care settings. Document capture technology will be utilised to digitise existing paper records and to streamline the management of ‘Access to health requests’.  

The trust is already using EMIS Health’s Correspondence Hub solution which replaces the manual distribution of patient documents such as GP letters. By sharing patient information digitally across multiple healthcare settings, Hinchingbrooke are expecting to improve patient care and safety, and deliver cost savings through efficiencies. 

“The GP letters solution has been a fantastic piece of work that has quickly enabled us to meet our targets.”

Gordon Greaves, associate director of IT

Gordon Greaves, associate director of IT at the trust, says “The GP letters solution has been a fantastic piece of work that has quickly enabled us to meet our targets – all information can now be submitted within 24 hours, from a process that used to take up to two weeks for letters to get to the GP.

By enhancing our EPR system further with EMIS Health’s EDRM solution, we can truly integrate and digitise our clinical data and have one complete, instantly accessible patient record, removing the associated cost and resources associated with storing paper based records.”

Bettina Fitt, director of markets and commercial for EMIS Health, commented “Trusts are under pressure to deliver digital records with EDRM, to recognise the well documented benefits. We are helping our customers to determine optimum operating models, removing the associated costs of a paper centric service, whilst managing transformation to improve patient safety through delivery of a single integrated patient record, easily shared between all healthcare settings. We look forward to working with Hinchingbrooke to implement our EDRM solution so they can start to realise the benefits of a paperless EPR.”