Enhanced ePrescribing system set to improve patient care

14 Jun 2018

ePMA 10.16, the latest version of our ePrescribing system, was released this week. Packed full of new features and updates, the system is designed to support safer, more efficient prescribing across all acute and mental health settings.

We’ve been working closely with customers to understand the way you work and what you need from an ePrescribing system. Your input has helped us make this latest version faster, safer, and easier to use – providing the support that all staff need to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

What’s new?

The system’s new interactive drug chart is more user friendly, allowing prescribers and administrators to do everything from one screen, making prescribing and administration tasks faster and simpler. With a single click, clinicians can now launch prescribing of new medications as well as amending, stopping and suspending existing medications.

We’ve also made it easier to see interventions, pending prescriptions and medicines requiring reconciliation, providing a smoother flow of information between clinicians and departments. The updated system allows notes to be added to prescriptions as a simple amend, saving clinicians time and helping nurses with safer administration.

New medications are highlighted, making it easier to see what’s just been prescribed into a patient’s chart and an expandable and collapsible view of each medication ensures that all the information is available when it’s needed most.

The improvements to patient locking functionality poses fewer restrictions to multiple users accessing a patient’s record and carrying out their actions on the system. With this, the system has retained clinical safety by preventing duplicate actions such as two doctors prescribing at the same time for one patient. This greatly improves patient safety by allowing users to update patient records as and when they need to without inappropriate restrictions. Actions can now also be made against multiple medications on the drug chart rather than having to access each one individually providing even more time savings.

Our new ePMA system offers safer and more efficient prescribing. And with the Government recently promising £75 million to help NHS hospitals implement e-prescribing, there’s never been a better time to talk to us.

Call 0870 053 4545 or email secondarycare@emishealth.com to find out more.