EMIS Health signs new Interoperability Charter

02 Sep 2015

EMIS Health is leading the way in making joined-up technology a reality by signing up to a new UK charter.

The Group is one of the first organisations to support techUK’s Interoperability Charter – in which suppliers commit to enabling the appropriate transfer of information between their products and across health and social care.

“Interoperability has always been at the heart of the EMIS Health philosophy”

Chris Spencer, EMIS Group CEO

Chris Spencer, CEO of EMIS Group said: “Interoperability has always been at the heart of the EMIS Health philosophy, so we are proud to have become one of the first companies to sign this important new Charter, and to reaffirm our commitment. 

“As a signatory to the Charter, EMIS Health adheres to making information systems more open and easier to integrate, to enable the flow of patient information between our products, and hence across the care continuum. In doing so, we are making a significant contribution to delivering the new models of integrated care set out in the Five Year Forward View that will radically transform the way that patients are treated.”

To find out more about how the charter works, please visit techUK’s website.