EMIS Health puts GP record-sharing in patients’ hands

31 Mar 2016

State-of-the-art technology from EMIS Health is putting secure record-sharing into the hands of over four million patients in the UK.

In an important move to empower patients, the company has released advanced innovative functionality for its Patient Access online service that allows them to quickly and easily share their medical record via a time-limited secure website link or QR code.

The new Share Your Record service means that patients can give doctors and other NHS staff vital medical information from the GP record - including medication, allergies and test results - at the point of care.  The highly secure system uses 256-bit encryption and is supported by a full audit trail.

It is the latest innovation from EMIS Health, which has pioneered online health services for patients for more than a decade.

It comes as GP practices meet NHS England’s deadline today (31 March 2016) for enabling detailed medical records access for their patients. EMIS Health has produced a guide for practices to give to patients.

Dr Geoff Shrecker, executive partner at the Gleadless Medical Centre in Sheffield, has been enabling record access for patients at his practice for four years. He said: “Share Your Record is a significant move forward in giving patients control of their information. Not only does it give them an opportunity to share that info with the clinician that they choose, it also means they don’t have to rely on their memory during consultations.

"It does mean GPs investing a little time to ensure that patients understand their record but this will be amply repaid.”

EMIS Group Chief Medical Officer Dr Shaun O’Hanlon said: “This is a major step forward for information sharing across health and social care.

“GPs, with an ethical and legal duty to safeguard patient confidentiality, have always insisted on rigorous agreements for data sharing. Share Your Record helps both patients and clinicians by putting the power in patients’ hands, with patient-initiated consent.” 

Birmingham-based retired housing association CEO David Bayliss, 63, suffers from high blood pressure, raised cholesterol and occasional gout. He has been using records access since 2014 to help him manage his health.

“Having access to my detailed health record means that I don’t have to make an appointment with my doctor to check test results. I can go online. 

“It gives me the information I need to make decisions about my diet or lifestyle to improve my health.”

David Bayliss

"I can see also a graph of trends in test results over a period of time, such as cholesterol levels and my two yearly prostate check.I feel I can make a judgement on whether I pursue a change to medication or a follow-up with my doctor. It makes me feel more in control.”

Mr Bayliss found the Share Your Record function ‘very easy’ to use. “I will be recommending it to my mother-in-law, who is in her eighties. She had a slight stroke recently, and it took her forever in A&E to give her previous medical history to the doctors. Share Your Record could save so much time and anxiety. 

“In just a few clicks you can share your record with anyone. Since I retired, we’ve gone on holiday several times a year, and if my wife or I fell ill away from home, the doctor would have all the information he or she needed at their fingertips.”

Download our patient guide for more information on accessing medical records via Patient Access. 

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