EMIS Health enables federated working across the country

24 Sep 2015

EMIS Health today announced a major new software pilot that will enable streamlined cross-organisational working for the growing number of GP federations in England – enabling patients to be seen and treated more quickly.

GP federations in Cheshire, Manchester and Islington caring for more than 90,000 patients are testing new functionality for EMIS Web that will enable them to be treated by a clinician at any practice in their organisation. Clinicians will be able to view and add to the medical record in real time, subject to point of care consent from patients.  Care will be co-ordinated through a single shared record, which will be controlled by the patient’s registered practice.

The new functionality builds on basic enterprise working functions within EMIS Web, such as shared appointment booking, to deliver a new level of seamless, cross-organisational integration. Highlights of the new software include:

  • care is co-ordinated via a single patient record, rather than multiple copies at individual locations
  • control of the shared record rests with the patient’s registered practice, which controls the formularies, protocols and templates that can be used by other organisations
  • practices and clinical care services (for example, minor injuries units) within a federation can book patients in for an appointment via a central system, treat them at any practice or other location, and add notes in real time to their medical record
  • the updated record can be viewed by the patient’s own GP, enabling completely integrated care wherever the patient is treated.

Plans by EMIS Health to directly integrate EMIS Web with the other major clinical systems mean that ultimately the software will be able to join up care across primary and community settings.

Matt Murphy, managing director of primary care and commissioning at EMIS Health said: “This has been a huge piece of development work on sophisticated technology that will enable new ways of working in primary care. Hard-working GPs are under ever-increasing pressure to provide more access to primary care for patients. EMIS Web now gives them the technology to enable them to work together in ways that will benefit both the profession and their patients.”

“At EMIS Health we recognise the importance of being able to work across boundaries within our system and with other GP systems. This vital tool is not only being welcomed by federations looking to offer extended hours working, but also by other healthcare economies that are finding new ways of working to offer better, more efficient care to patients.”

Dr Colin Tate, director of The Manchester Primary Care Partnership, said: "With primary care facing unprecedented demands, new ways of working are essential in meeting these needs. The EMIS system has contributed to the development of our federation due to its capability of cross organisational features which allows practices to come together and offer a high quality 'Total Population' healthcare service."