EMIS Health at #Expo16NHS

08 Sep 2016

This week we've been at the Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester, sharing how our technology is joining up care pathways - from diabetes to child health.

Throughout the two-day show, delegates had the chance to see our three new animations, which highlight how our technology supports a variety of patient care pathways, helping clinicians to provide safer and more efficient care. 

Giving delegates the change to win a Fitbit, we tested who had the steadiest hand with our lotus flower-shaped buzzer game. We'll be announcing the winner soon on Twitter! 

Event highlights

Key highlights from the event included Professor Bob Wachter announcing his highly anticipated findings from a review of computer systems across the NHS.

Giving an overview of his results, Bob shared his recommendations on harnessing the power of health IT to improve patient care in England which included replacing the 2020 target for paperless working. He instead suggested setting a more realistic goal of having clinical information systems implemented in all NHS trusts by 2023 with a focus on interoperability.

Bob also explained how we can learn the lessons of digitisation from the US, including embracing innovative technology that helps healthcare professionals spend more time with patients - including in consultations and on wards - and less time in front of computers completing admin. One example of this was implementing more intelligent speech recognition software. Why not take a look at our partner products to see how we can already help?

Read the full report

Read our chief medical officer, Dr Shaun O'Hanlon's, take on the report 

Jeremy Hunt also spoke at the conference, explaining his backing of Bob Wachter's findings and how we can implement these across the UK. He also shared more information on the newly announced NHS Digital Academy which will be based at a UK university, forming a centre of excellence for hospitals across the UK to learn from. 

Another key theme of Jeremy's session was increasing patient empowerment, giving people the tools they need to be more involved in their own care. He explained that: “Outcomes are better when people take responsibility for their own condition”. With this, he announced that:

  • 111 will be moving online
  • patients' access to their medical records will be made much easier - including removing the need for practices to give patients their passwords
  • and there will be incentives for innovation in apps and wearables.

Find out more about how we provide online patient services via Patient Access and how patients are creating their own Personal Health Records (PHRs) through our integration with Apple HealthKit - storing their own health data by using wearables and apps and sharing it with healthcare professionals.

Supporting how technology has a huge role to play in these improvements, he also referenced us as an example of a "world-beating company he wants to back".

(L-R) Professor Bob Wachter and Jeremy Hunt

Didn't make it to the conference?

You can watch our animations online:

We're also exhibiting at lots of other events over the next few weeks. Take a look at where we'll be next.