EMIS becomes national supplier for England and Wales

07 Sep 2007

EMIS – the UK's leading primary care IT system supplier– has signed a contract with Connecting for Health (CfH) to provide clinical systems and services under the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) initiative in England. A separate contract with NHS Wales has also been signed following completion of the Welsh GMS Systems and Services Framework Agreement.

The developments mean that GPs across England and Wales can now choose EMIS's market-leading system as an officially endorsed NHS solution.

EMIS is one of the eight clinical systems suppliers to be awarded contracts under the GPSoC initiative and one of four suppliers chosen under the Welsh agreement to offer IT clinical systems to Welsh local health boards (LHBs).

The GPSoC initiative means English GPs will now be able to choose from either ESPs (existing system providers) or LSPs (local service providers) for replacement GP systems or keep existing clinical systems which will be upgraded in line with National Programme for IT (NPfIT) requirements and be centrally funded.

The Welsh GMS Systems and Services Framework Agreement will provide Wales with a new national specification for systems, ensuring that all Local Health Boards use the same standards across the country.

Sean Riddell, Healthcare Managing Director of EMIS said: "These two contracts represent a major step forward for GP choice in England and Wales, ensuring that doctors are free to choose the clinical IT system that best meets their individual needs."

He added: "We welcome the commitment to GP choice and look forward to working with them to deliver improved services for GPs and patients. This is excellent news for healthcare IT per se as choice promotes competition which ultimately drives innovation. QED!”