Digital Health special report: pret a portal

07 Oct 2015

In a recent Digital Health special report on portals, Daloni Carlisle has analysed how digital and patient-focused services by the NHS is driving interest in patient portals.

Andy Clegg, who leads EMIS Health’s integration and transformation consulting practice, says that patient portals will be a “significant part” of integrated care in the future.

“For me there are three categories,” he says.

  1. Where “patients can access validated information and, in the case of, engage with other people with the same condition.” These portals create a valuable source of support and information to sufferers of long term conditions.
  2. Portals that give people access to their own information, and enable them to carry out transactions, such as online appointment booking. This type of patient portal has been built into the most recent NHS IT strategy as they have been shown to increase patient experience scores, and reduce the frequency of ‘did not attends’.
  3. The third of Clegg’s categories has yet to really see the light of day. “This will be getting patients to be a core part of their care team”. These patient portals “will empower patients and drive massive value by giving people co-responsibility” of their care.

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