Connecting healthcare in Herefordshire

05 Mar 2019

Herefordshire CCG is joining up healthcare across the county with the help of EMIS Web.

In January, St Michael’s Hospice went live with EMIS Web as part of Herefordshire CCG’s wider One Record programme. Working closely with hospice staff, we configured EMIS Web for use across a number of different services, including hospice at home, physiotherapy, and in-patient and day services, among others.

As the first clinical IT system used by the hospice, EMIS Web will help St Michael’s to remove paper processes and improve data quality. Access to clinical templates, decision support and up-to-date patient information will also make it easier for the hospice’s teams to work efficiently and deliver compassionate, safe and personalised palliative and end-of-life care.

The hospice is the first organisation to implement EMIS Web as part of the One Record programme. The project aims to ensure that most of the non-acute services that sit under the CCG can access one shared patient record that’s been updated across settings via our clinical software. There are also plans in place for Wye Valley NHS Trust to follow suit in implementing EMIS Web across their community services.

All of the GP practices in Herefordshire, as well as the out-of-hours services and extended services provided by the area’s GP federation, use EMIS Web already, so further implementation of our clinical IT system will help to bring even greater consistency to the area. Care is set to become more connected and informed too with Wye Valley NHS Trust’s acute services planning to use EPR Viewer to give their clinicians access to vital patient information recorded by GPs. Herefordshire’s mental health provider, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, will soon be using the system as well. 

Mike Keel, chief executive at St Michael’s Hospice said: “We are really pleased to be now using EMIS Web at St Michaels’ Hospice, and to be part of the Herefordshire One Record project, due to the huge benefits that both will bring to the care we deliver to our patients” 

Dr Ian Roper, GP IT lead for Herefordshire said: “We are delighted to be rolling out EMIS Web across Herefordshire and working with St Michael’s Hospice to be the first to use the system. This is a positive step in improving care across the county and we are looking forward to continuing this work with our other partners in joining up healthcare across the county.”

Ian Bailey, Queen’s Nurse and our head of product management and clinical lead, commented on the scheme by saying that: “We’re extremely happy to be able to support providers across Herefordshire in delivering their vision of connected, safe and informed care. Improving patient outcomes is always going to be at the forefront of any healthcare professional’s mind. Now that multidisciplinary teams are connected closer than ever before, they can work towards achieving this aim together. We look forward to supporting the rest of these organisations’ journeys.”

Hospice nurse with patient and EMIS Mobile

EMIS Web for hospice care

EMIS Web supports safe, joined-up and dignified end-of-life care with personalised care plans and cross-sector communication.

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