Caldicott 3: Easy to say, hard to do?

06 Oct 2016

EMIS Group Chief Medical Officer Dr Shaun O’ Hanlon has contributed to an article on Digital today about the technical and process challenges presented by achieving the balance between patient record accessibility and confidentiality.

As a healthcare technology supplier working with as many healthcare environments as we do, we’re at the forefront of helping our customers address these challenges.

We know how important it is to get it right – and the impact it makes on patient care when data is instantly and securely available to clinicians as and when they need it.

From our pathfinders in Liverpool – who last counted 12 million views of shared records across the city – to our most recent case study on child health in West Cheshire, NHS organisations are getting the balance right with EMIS Health technology to help.

Caldicott 3: Easy to say, hard to do? Read the full article on Digital