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  1. 09 Aug 2017

    GP runs morning surgery on ‘patient power’

    A GP in Greater Manchester harnessed the skills of his digital-savvy patients when a power cut brought his morning surgery to a standstill.

  2. 29 Jun 2017

    Somerset switches on patient record viewer - and more efficient emergency medicine

    Somerset clinicians providing frontline emergency care now have instant access to the GP medical records of half a million patients in the county, allowing them fast and efficient access to information that can improve care and save time.

  3. 27 Jun 2017

    EMIS Health staff walk around the world for charity

    Staff from Rawdon-based EMIS Health have ‘walked around the world’ as part of a global health challenge.

  4. 20 Jun 2017

    New web calculator to more accurately predict bowel cancer survival

    GPs and patients could soon more accurately predict the chances of bowel cancer survival, thanks to a new web calculator developed using data from QResearch, a not-for-profit project between EMIS Health and University of Nottingham.

  5. 05 Jun 2017

    Supporting practices to surpass NHS England online service registration targets

    We worked with practices using Patient Access and NHS England to help meet their goal of ensuring that at least 10% of patients are registered to use online services.

  6. 30 May 2017

    QRISK tool picks up more patients at risk of heart disease

    Research in The BMJ has revealed that a tool used for a decade to find patients at risk of heart disease is now detecting groups that might previously have slipped through the net.

  7. 15 May 2017

    NHS cyber attack: Q&A

    We've created a quick Q&A guide to support our GP practice customers who use EMIS Web who may have been affected by the recent NHS cyber attack. Here we answer the top five questions our support team have been asked this week.

  8. 14 May 2017

    Updated statement on reported NHS cyber attack

    EMIS Health teams have been working through the weekend to support customers affected by the widespread cyber attack that hit the NHS and other organisations around the world on Friday.

  9. 12 May 2017

    Statement on reported NHS cyber attack

    There is a widespread cyber attack on NHS computer systems and other organisations today. There is no evidence to suggest that EMIS Health systems have been compromised or impacted as a result of this incident.

  10. 02 May 2017

    SystmOne and EMIS Web direct interoperability pilot now live

    From today (Tuesday 18 April 2017), patients in northwest London will be given the opportunity to benefit from a landmark achievement in interoperability between the UK’s two leading GP software suppliers, TPP and EMIS Health.

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