EMIS Web Training Webinar: Utilising GP Contract & QOF resources

16 Feb 2022 10:30-11:30 via Microsoft Teams Live

This free training session is perfect for new and seasoned users of EMIS Web. This session is to assist EMIS Web organisations maximise their annual QOF performance by increasing clinical coding accuracy by utilising system prompts for clinicians to record valuable data when the opportunities are provided.

We’ll look at the resources and functions available within EMIS Web to assist organisations to acquire the maximum QOF Clinical Indicators.

During this session we’ll demonstrate different methods of utilising key QOF resources within the EMIS Library such as Clinical Templates and Protocols. Within Template Manager, we’ll look at the resources available for QOF chronic conditions and demonstrate how system triggers and concept alert protocols can be applied to ensure all clinical staff are provided with the opportunity to record valuable data & clinical coding.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Identify resources available within EMIS Web associated to GP Contract & QOF for chronic conditions monitoring
  • Use key methods of launching these resources efficiently for clinicians to increase their overall utilisation
  • Investigate areas of QOF where improvements for acquiring Clinical Indicators can be made and identify the associated resources
  • Use functions within resources to display system prompts or triggered alerts protocols for users when prime opportunities are provided to record valuable data

This free training session is for existing users of EMIS Web. You can register for the session via EMIS Now here.

You can create an EMIS Now account, or change your password here.


If you experience any issues, please contact marketing@emisgroupplc.com