EMIS Web Training Webinar: Exploring advanced features of Population Reporting

19 Jan 2022 14:00-13:00 via Microsoft Teams Live

This free training session is perfect for new and seasoned users of EMIS Web. This session covers the advanced features available within Population Reporting, exploring methods of how and where these advanced components can be used in real time examples.

We'll demonstrate how users can obtain multiple levels of data using rule based searches, plus how the output of data can be altered to narrow down the population of patients included to a specific detail using Rule Types. We'll look at how advanced features can be applied to criteria within Search & Reports such as linked features, order and restrict functions.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Identify where advanced features could enhance search criteria to return specific patient data
  • Understand how the order and restrict functions work for latest data purposes
  • Utilise advanced functions within population searches to alter the output of data and to improve accuracy
  • Create parameters that can be added to reports to minimise data overload 

This free training session is for existing users of EMIS Web. You can register for the session via EMIS Now here.

You can create an EMIS Now account, or change your password here.


If you experience any issues, please contact marketing@emisgroupplc.com