EMIS Health Live: Providing a new user interface with PatientLeaf

20 Jul 2020 12.30 - 12.45

Join GPSS for a 15 minute power up session to gain a greater understanding of PatientLeaf and how it can enable your consultations to be more focused on the patient, rather their medical history.

EMIS Health Live: The New Normal


PatientLeaf is a realtime clinical safety and efficiency app which clinicians use in their consultations. Everything users need to know about the patient’s condition is on one page as a filtered timeline of the patients medical history, to give you the information you need at the time you need it. In our world of information overload, PatientLeaf simplifies the notes and focuses them, to allow the user to make better clinical decisions faster.


  • shows each condition as a one page view
  • uses NICE guidance tailored to the patient
  • is a patient educational tool
  • joins the dots between cause and effect e.g. statin effect on cholesterol in the timeline
  • is a medical history data miner
  • is a compliance checker 
  • views multiple attachments separate to EMIS Web


Dr Raza Toosy, Medical Director and GP, GPSS

Raza Toosy is a full time GP in Wallington Surrey with a Masters Degree in Software Development. He is passionate about creating and supporting line of business applications for busy primary health care clinicians working in General Practice and has been part of the EMIS Health partner programme for several years.

Who should attend

  • All healthcare professionals

What you'll learn

To learn about how your consultations can be more about focusing on the patient rather than battling with their medical history

How to join

Bookings for this session have now closed.

You can still join us by clicking here at 12:30 on the 20th July.