EMIS Health Live: Patient Recall Systems made simple in EMIS Web

23 Jul 2020 13:30 - 13:45

Join Ardens for a 15 minute power up session to understand how to implement a safe and robust patient recall system.

EMIS Health Live: The New Normal


Many practices do not have safe or robust recall systems to manage blood tests, hospital tests, injections, and other ad-hoc reviews. During COVID-19 many routine appointments were cancelled and patients are at-risk of missing important investigations. The Ardens Diary Recall System will fully automate the recall process, is simple for clinicians to use, and ensures patients are never lost to follow-up. This session will offer an overview of our Diary Recall System so that you can understand how simple it can be for practices to safely manage this process.

The Ardens Chronic Disease (QOF) Recall System is a month-of-birth recall system designed to improve how practices manage reviews for patients with multiple long-term-conditions by completing their entire review in one or two appointments. An initial appointment with the HCA will capture basic clinical information and ensure correct blood tests are sent, and then a follow-up appointment will allow the nurse/GP to complete the review. This session will also include a brief overview of this system.


Dr Miles Carter, CEO, Ardens for EMIS Web

Miles is a GP in Oxfordshire and CEO of Ardens (EMIS). With a team of 60 people we provide national and localised clinical templates and reports to assist the delivery of effective and efficient best practice in Primary Care. Ardens also offers solutions to aid achievement of Locally Commissioned Services and management of referral forms.

Who should attend

  • GPs
  • Practice Managers
  • PCN Leads
  • Nurses

What you'll learn

  • Understand how to implement a safe and robust patient recall system in your GP practice.

How to join

Bookings for this session have now closed.

You can still join us by clicking here at 1:30 on the 23 July.